"Where there is peace, God is." ~George Herbert

"Carve your blessings in stone." ~Anon
"I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again." ~William Penn
"Dictum sapienti sat est - A word to a wise person is sufficient." ~Cicero Ovid Seneca

"Words pulsate in the veins of my pen"™Leah C. Dancel


Rene Araneta - new day

"A new day unfolds as the new day ends." ~Rene Araneta, FUNtastic Philippines FUNgroup FB Page


Shawn Anderson Quotes

"As years and experiences add up and life begins to wear us down, it's easy for the vibrancy of our passion and purpose to fade... Never let your best days be behind you. In my mind, they're always ahead." ~Shawn Anderson, Founder, Extra Mile America

"Don't let negative thinking exaggerate a bad moment and snowball into an avalanche." ~Shawn Anderson

"Now is our time. It's our time to chase rainbows and build castles in the sky. It's our time to create a life that we love. Because someday, it will no longer be our time." ~Shawn Anderson

“One change in thought can change your destiny. It begins with 'I can!' versus 'I can't.' " ~Shawn Anderson,Founder,Extra Mile America

"Open your mind to the wonders of your life." ~Shawn Anderson

"Our life is composed greatly from dreams, from the unconscious, and they must brought into connection with action. They must be woven together." ~Shawn Anderson

"Problems are hard and ugly... Change 'problem' to 'challenge' because your brain has more fun with that." ~Shawn Anderson

"Stop looking for reasons to be unhappy. Focus on the things you do have, and the reasons you should be happy." ~Shawn Anderson

"The blind only wish to see, the deaf only wish to hear and the mute only wish to speak. Things that seem of just little value to us , can be ALL that someone else wants...appreciate even the little things in life...many are less fortunate." ~Shawn Anderson, Extra Mile America

"The more I push myself to take a risk, the less afraid I am to take a risk the next time. Each time I do, I expand my circle of comfort and my life becomes BIGGER." ~Shawn Anderson

"Think Give. Not Get. Nothing has the power to positively change your world more." ~Shawn Anderson

"You have a good life when there are things to smile about today...and to motivate you for tomorrow." ~Shawn Anderson

"Your hardest times often lead to the the best moments of your life. Keep the faith. It will be all worth it in the end." ~Shawn Anderson



"Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times; they can only make you stronger." ~Extra Mile Workd

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Leah C. Dancel - clock

"Sunrise is nature's silent alarm clock. You don't hear a sound but you can feel its warmth touch when she wakes you up." ~Leah C. Dancel, 17 July 2013

Colette Livermore - spirituality

"To live truthfully and with compassion is my spirituality." ~Colette Livermore

Lino Magpantay - business

"Religion is a great business. No inventory, no factory, no tax. Just sell that guy in the sky, collect money from the poor and donations from the rich, then, you can have a huge fat bank account." ~Lino Magpantay

Charlie Jones - build up

"Things don't go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up. They happen to break you down and build you up so you can be all that you were intended to be." ~Charlie Jones

George Leonard - spice

"Competition is the spice of sports; but if you make spice the whole meal you'll be sick." ~George Leonard

Ruby Caberte - church

"How can a church be called a church when it's full of hate?" ~Ruby Caberte, FB

Bill Gates Quotes

"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." ~Bill Gates

"Give the hardest job to the laziest person - they'll figure out the easiest way to do it." ~Bill Gates

"It's fine to celebrate success but it is most important to heed the lessons of failure." ~Bill Gates

"When you have money in hand, only YOU forget who are you, but when you do not have any money in your hand, the whole world forget who YOU are." ~Bill Gates

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning." ~Bill Gates

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Nina Joyce Sarmiento Casis - tender heart

"Maybe all we need at all is not just a flaunting inflammed brain but also a tender heart that extends kindness." ~Nina Joyce Sarmiento Casis

Leah C. Dancel - money

"Easy money, easy go. Hard-earned money makes everything go a long long way." ~Leah C. Dancel, 16 July 2013

Quotes from ELAINE CASIS

"We all have our time machines. Those that take us back are memories, and those that carry us forward are dreams." ~Jeremy Irons


Leah C. Dancel - heritage

"Simple or complex camera will always capture the most vivid imagination you can give life to our humble but great heritage." ~Leah C. Dancel, 24 June 2013, FUNtastic Philippines FUNgroup

Becoming Minimalist Quotes

"Owning less is an invitation that is appreciated, desired, and accepted when fully understood. It may be just the answer to a better life you've been searching for all along." ~Becoming Minimalist

"Rich is the man or woman who can experience contentment in any circumstance." ~Becoming Minimalist

Thema Davis Quotes

"Any negativity that comes to you today should be returned to sender." ~Thema Davis

"Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you. Know your worth even if they don’t." ~Thema Davis

"Sometimes silence is more powerful than having the last word." ~Thema Davis

"Those who tried to break you are expecting you to be in fight mode. Conquer them with your peace." ~Thema Davis

"When someone is going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million empty words." ~Thema Davis

"When you're at peace with yourself, you can embrace the silence. Alone" -Thema Davis

"Your life will get better when you realise it's better to be alone than chase people who really don't care about you." ~Thema Davis

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Dylan Moran - realistic

"People will kill you over time, and how they'll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like 'be realistic'". ~Dylan Moran

Alice Munro Quotes


"Few people, very few, have a treasure, and if you do you must hang onto it. You must not let yourself be waylaid, and have it taken from you." ~Alice Munro

"People are curious. A few people are. They will be driven to find things out, even trivial things. They will put things together, knowing all along that they may be mistaken. You see them going around with notebooks, scraping the dirt off gravestones, reading microfilm, just in the hope of seeing this trickle in time, making a connection, rescuing one thing from the rubbish." ~Alice Munro, "Friend of My Youth" (Everyman's Library)

"The conversation of kisses: subtle, engrossing, fearless, transforming. ~Alice Munro

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Hugh Jackman Quotes

“Everyone has a cup of coffee every day, but I'm not sure everyone understands how it gets there, and how the choice of what you drink makes a massive difference at the beginning to the grower.” ~Hugh Jackman

"I was brought up in a way where you treat people with respect. So it's easy for me to be polite and respectful to people than to be an a-hole." ~Hugh Jackman

Leah C. Dancel on DREAMS


"Our dream in childhood has found its way to fulfillment without us knowing they become reality. Old age is its camouflage.” ~Leah C. Dancel

"When that glorious day shines through in your dream and you wake up just as bright." ~Leah C. Dancel, 16 July 2013

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Thank You
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Charlene Spretnak - illusion

"The boundary between ourselves and other people and between ourselves and Nature, is illusion. Oneness is reality." ~Charlene Spretnak


•´´•.✿.•´¯` WELCOME FRIENDS ´¯`•.✿.•``•
"God bless the Philippines,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the forests,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless the Philippines,
My home sweet home."
~Adopted from Irving Berlin's
('God Bless America')

"A leader is someone who can move mountains. Since Pres Cory have we moved any significant progress? Or yearly, we are ushered corruption upon corruption; the last was so exasperating like trains bought defective and tanim bala? PRRD in ten months registered a favorable public satisfaction rate from his actions in few months...so far he has wrangled big problems thrown out like improved bureacratic delays; ASG, and NPA on desperate moves...he is a leader on the move and one big sign he is Leading is because so much efforts to destroy him has been exerted by his detractors out of envy; and the more he is ruined, he is gaining ground. Pres Obama joined in to put him down, but the more he was criticized, he shut up to prominence...same from EU etc...the attention was on illegal drugs, and by it, he caught world attention...an old issue but from his wisdom, it is this Malady he staged popularity; and now is seen as a noted strategizer by the conflict in West Philippine Sea where USA, China, Russia ,South Korea and Japan vs North Korea are involved... Is he an ordinary leader? Or a big -clever mind being sought for by big players on earth." ~Romeo Falcon Mondejar. General Santos City on DUterte is a Political Genius Not a Psychopath (2017)

"A transitional (revolutionary) government towards the adoption of a federal government is extra-constitutional and broader than Martial Law." ~Yesu Ben, 30 August 2017

‪"A very honest, objective, down-to-Earth and no non-sense observation, perception, thoughts, answers and opinion of Adam Garrie, an international observer and geopolitical expert about President Duterte and the Philippines. This is so encouraging and inspirational. Thank you Adam, Rado and Eurasia Future for such a very important and informative interview." ~Pablo Evelyn Lee ‬, March 23, 2018

"Actually humanity is in a time of awakening now. There is a cosmic download of divine energy to the planet that will enable humanity to discern that what organized religions are teaching are enslavement and mental control of the people for power and financial gains of those propagating it." ~Shiela Tagaban Zangl, April 17, 2017. Comment: From Manila Times: Defend what is right, Villegas urges bishops (Archbishop Socrates Villegas)

"An informed public can form a better republic." ~Ems Zkii , from TP (February 2017)

"Another Lesson Learned: Pretending to be somebody is so difficult to do, coz at the end you’re scam can be easily discovered.But pretending to be nobody is so easy, for the reason that the silent and humble nobody might be the great somebody which is greatly powerful than anybody." ~Dr. John Ortiz Teope, PhD,EdD,DM,DES (July 2016, FB)

"Arrogance, lies and deceit will never win people over. Duterte works,cares and is straightforward with us." ~Rolaiza Mimi Singayao, 18 September 2017

"As they say, everything has a breaking point and this is it...people are just fed up with all the lies, the manipulations and charades these unfit public servants and their cohorts had been doing for decades. People are now more discerning, more vigilant and more sensitive to any form of fakery." ~‪Rose Marie Natoza Santos‬, March 24, 2018 comment on TAPANG at MALASAKIT, DU30 Correspondents

"Be professional, prudent and circumspect. Do not abuse. Be true to the code of conduct of your profession." ~Rafael Alunan III

"Beauty is not extravagance; beauty is life." ~Imelda Marcos

"Because he is Manny Pacquiao, he gets privileges and honors that no ordinary Filipino can ever hope to get without a sweat." ~Josh Copon from Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija (CNE's Official Group (Josh Manny Pacquiao had it all in his life before becoming what he is today. He was once an ordinary Filipino, and still is in his heart).

“But the Philippines will not even try to militarize itself to defend itself from China, because we feel that these matters should be resolved to the hilt, through negotiations." ~Perfecto Yasay, Jr, incoming Head of Department of Foreign Affairs (DAF) of President-elect RR Duterte — BAP, GMA News (May 19, 2016)

"Children in conflict with the law need proper care, they should not be put in jails where they are exposed to abuses and the influence of hardened criminals." ~Judy Taguiwalo, DSWD Secretary, FB Philippines (November 2016)

"Clearly, the greater tragedy than ignorance is the laziness to know the truth. Sadly, most of the better thinkers on the other side suffer from this malaise." ~Bruce V. Rivera

"Coming out against a man who is attempting to crack down on drugs traffickers in this way is definitely a case of the pot calling a tiny teacup black - a diversionery tactic of the most blatant kind. Away from the global media perspective generated by News International and its followers, this must seem all the more blatant to many emerging nations." ~Dilys Hadley on Philippine President RR Duterte, FB, 23 August 2016

‪"Corruption is so entrenched in all bodies of government, from the top to the bottom. I don't believe it is us Pinoys who can stop it. The top man in government must initiate moves to deter other officials from doing it, punish those who are caught and fast. Namamayagpag ang mga corrupt dahil walang napaparusahan." ~Mercy Viray Admana ‬

‪"Corruption is subjective or personal. If a lawman is corrupt he should not blame the law. If an ordinary citizen is corrupt he should not blame the government. If a businessman is corrupt he should not blame the economy. All you have to blame is YOURSELF! Pliny exclaimed, "At last we found our enemy! It is us!" Those who want the real and genuine change of this country, start in youself. Transformation must begin in us." ~Aleph Haorh, May 9, 2017‬

"Dabawenyos must be “vigilant and show the world that we do not surrender to fear nor do we allow terrorism to cripple our humanity and undermine our values.”~Sarah Duterte, Mayor, Davao City on September 2, 2016 Night Market's bombing

"Democracy of the people, by the people and for the people as the best form of government is founded on the belief that reason prevails in getting the consensus of the majority, not religious dogma, not rhetorics of demagogues, and not because of the belief that the best minds come only from the rich and the powerful." ~Bogz Lee

"Digong returned to Davao after his law studies and served its people through the worst time to to be there to its exemplary state. He collected no debts of gratitude to get elected. He simply promised the best local governance he possibly could and a satisfied constituency affirmed his accomplishments.... He did not have to die to prove his heroism. ...I suggest politicians go do the same." ~Joffre Balce, November 30, 2017

"Do you still remember the GREEN REVOLUTION of Madam Imelda Marcos during Marcos regime? It is still fresh in my mind. I remember well the backyards, front yards, sidewalks, flower pots, any tin or plastic containers at home and all vacant lots not only in our municipality but apparently all over the country were cultivated and planted with vegetables. Maybe if President Duterte administration could resurrect such program, a lot of poor people could benefit with fresh vegetables from their own garden. A healthy citizenry makes a healthy nation. The government should make vegetable seeds and seedlings available free of charge to everyone who wanted to plant for their consumption. It should form part of DA, City Agriculture and Municipal Agriculture offices to have Nurseries where citizens can ask for vegetable seedlings, free of charge. They can tap public schools to help, the same as before, wherein the school teachers in Home Economics made the pupils learn gardening by having Nursery projects and distribute seedlings to the locals. Every residents should be enjoined to plant their own and LGU should have ordinances that will punish those citizens caught harvesting the fruits of other's labor without permission." ~Maria Socorro Modequillo Bodiongan, 19 May 2016

"..., Duterte may have sparked distress to some countries like US maybe. But for many of us, he sparks PEACE, HOPE, and real, inclusive, sustainable PROGRESS." ~MJ Quiambao Reyes, 29 October 2016

"... effective governance actually is just a simple combination of inspiration and imagination." ~Emmanuel (Manny) Piñol, May 2016

"Far and above his authority as president, are the personal ties the president has with the stakeholders in Mindanao. Most analysts miss the fact that various factions can rely on the president's word of honor. He places his word and will over and above the limitations of his office. That is leadership." ~Darwin Canete, May 31, 2017

"Federalism for is meaningful self-governance. It's not a magic tablet, not a cure-all. We need to toil hard and shape up." ~Rolaiza Mimi Singayao, 2 October 2017

"Filipinos are dreaming for a change for the better and are blessed with an honest, strong president who have the strong gut, tenacity, experience and whatever all it takes to clean up the country riddled with humongous problems on drugs and corruption, etc. that were left behind by the previous government. And now he's accused of being a dictator? Where's the objectivity among us? We should count our blessings. A president of that calibre who only have good intentions at heart for all his people and country only comes once in a lifetime. Let us unite and proactively help him to make our beloved country better once again." ~Luchie De Gaulle

"For the sake of democracy, transparency and national transformation, the PRRD administration must continue along its torturous path but, at the same time, listen to voices of reason, prudence and circumspection within its ranks and from the general audience. It must separate legitimate critics who aim to make things right from the wolves in sheep's clothing." ~Rafael Alunan III, 8 January 2017

"Foreign intervention is inconceivable against a hugely elected democratic president with a popularity even bigger than its mandate. Period." ~Teddy Locsin Jr.

"Freedom of speech comes with consequences. If you can't handle the consequences of your speech, then don't speak. But if you want to speak in public, grow a damn spine. That's not a false dilemma but reality." ~Sass Rogando Sasot

"Freedom of speech is a defense against the government. It is not an immunity from the consequences of that speech from people you offend." ~Darwin Cañete

"From 1898 to 1946, is inscribed in World History as an epoch of the United States of America’s Hegemony in the Philippines; from 1946 to 2016, the American Empire extended their colonial control and command over our leaders and people until such time that a “Moro/Indio” President emerged and reverberated the naked truth to the whole wide world about the atrocities, human rights violations and exploitations done to us by our supposed protector and big brother – which is a fallacy leading to hoax. Enough is enough; we should now be free from the bondage of foreign oppression and so from the trammels of our development as a sovereign nation. Now we are free!" ~Dr. Delmar Topinio Taclibon, Ph D (Oct 30, 2016)

"Go quietly into the night Mr. President and don’t worry about us. We will be able to handle ourselves and we will certainly survive the hardships." ~Manny Piñol on BA III

"God's word guides us to discern who are the true ministers in our government officials in spite of their imperfections." ~Edison Reyes, FB, 15 November 2016

‪"Good words from a strong man who is committed enough and able to deliver. I love the Philippines and the people and they deserve more. Well done so far President Duterte." ~David Tredrea ‬

"Great leaders don't set out to be a leader. They set out to make a difference. It's never about the role -always about the goal." ~Diehard Duterte Supporters, DDS (February 2017)

"Guide our troops O'LORD and give them the courage, wisdom and the gallantry to subdue the enemy of our MOTHERLAND." ~Valdez Butchii, 27 July 2017, on all military forces in Marawi City fighting against the Mautes and ISIS

“He was speaking to the whole world, an entire audience of the world, and people are looking at him. And the words the world wanted to hear — rule of law, dispatch in business, lack of corruption, justice for all men — was spoken in well crafted language for the high and low." ~Senator Richard Gordon on Pres RR Duterte's Inaugural Speech, 30 June 2016 (when reached by phone.)

“I am an advocate Federalism and I like to see the Philippines under a federal system of government. But, the transition from a Unitary to a Federal form is not a walk by the park. There is a necessity to properly educate the Filipinos regarding its advantages and disadvantages. Coz, if it would not happen and people would just accept Federalism based on the bandwagon. One thing for sure there will be so many resistances on the time of its transition and operationalization.” ~Dr. John Ortiz Teope, PhD,EdD,DM,DES (National President, 1st Philippine Pro-Democracy Foundation)

"I am in a journey with my fellow countrymen under Duterte's leadership to rid our country of corruption, criminality and address the devastating consequences of the Philippines being almost a narco state." ~Rolaiza Mimi Singayap, on her Open letter
To the European Parliament: 'You disrespected our will as a sovereign people', March 17, 2017

"I am proud that in my lifetime, I get to see the rise of a leader who works to ensure that there is a better tomorrow for Filipinos." ~Hedda Joy Tady Tan, October 6, 2017 on PRRD

"... I call on to every Pilipino to resolve our national issues and remember Bayanihan. Our political differences should never be a reason for us to forget who we really are, that our true allegiance is for this country alone. That whatever issues we are throwing on each other, our real goal is to preserve the true spirit of being a Makabayan." ~Michael Banigoos Jovellanos, FB

"I congratulate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and pledge my support in working to heal our land and to unite our people toward the continued development of our country." ~Grace Poe, Presidential Candidate Philippine Election 2016

"I cry for my people and my country." ~Ferdinand E. Marcos, Former President of the Philippines

“I dare say today: If he survives the presidency as I prophesied eight years ago, I say to you now — he will become the greatest President that this country ever had.” ~Atty. Salvador Panelo, Chief Legal Counsel
(Excerpt from his speech during the Filipino Community Assembly with DFA Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano held on 18 March 2018 in Sydney, Australia)

"I don't know as yet much about the Philippines, but I do know that from my earliest awareness of President Duterte that I saw in him a world-historic figure on par with Napoleon. I don't mean to say he is a world conquering war-monger, but that he is a man to transform how people around the world relate to a national leader. I believe Duterte is the best political figure on the planet since... I can't think of anyone else! He is the ultimate good-guy, in my opinion. It is my intention to go to the Philippines after I do my due diligence in researching the history and culture of the nation and its people, to write books about the man and his vision so others in the world can emulate him and his works. DU30 is a grand model for all, whether we are Filipinos or not. You all just got lucky having him first. We all want him or someone like him, too. Lucky you! My best." ~‪Dag Walker‬ (2018, FB)

"I have long believed that governance is all about people: Identify the problems confronting your people, find solutions to their problems and implement those solutions to improve their lives. These are the basic governance rules which I follow." ~Emmanuel (Manny) Piñol, former Governor of Cotabato 2016

"I take my hat off to our soldiers. No matter how battle-weary they are and considering the risk of life they're going through, they were not tempted with the prospect of a comfortable life for themselves and their families. Instead, and stuck to their honor and integrity as professional members of the AFP." ~Senator Ping Lacson On the money recovered from a Maute stronghold in Marawi City, June 6, 2017

"I want this government to succeed, for the sake of our countrymen who are not as lucky as you and I." ~RJ Nieto October 4, 2017

"I wanted a man who by inspiration alone could transfer the power to make this country proud again from the hands of the few to the hands of the many. I wanted a man who could re-ignite the Filipino in us or at least make us care enough that a few rich men (and their families and friends and employees) do not a country make." ~Arnel Patawaran, FB, 17 December 2016

"I was in Cebu for three weeks. My first time in the Philippines and your country is full of beauty both in the kindness of the people and the landscape!" ~Shannon J. Smith, FB, July 2016

‪"I will bring the courage to fight back and speak what's good for the country and people even if it means cutting the ties with some that no longer work." ~MaSocorro Jardin Barreno‬

"If we had block voting we won't have division at the top. Let's cure the problem when we get to charter change." ~Rafael Alunan III, 7 January 2017

"If we will seriously take on the task of educating Filipinos on reproductive health, and providing them the means this will not be a viable undertaking. The government must be solidly secular and rational." ~Ethel Pineda

“If you don’t want the Philippines to turn into another Syria, please support martial law and cooperate with the government to find the terrorists and criminals. Be advised that some corporate media outlets are not reporting the real important news facts, and manipulating the news for their own agenda and for increasing their sales and popularity.” ~Amir Assadollahi, Canadian Political Analyst

"If you want the President to succeed, be critical. The person who points out shortcomings is more valuable to a leader than one who sings nothing but praise." ~Francis Euston Acero, March 25, 2017

“In a presidential system any damn fool can be President.
In a parliamentary system no fool can be Prime Minister.”
~Late Vice President Salvador “Doy”Laurel and Homobono A. Adaza

"It doesn't matter to what social stratum one belongs, all it takes is common sense with generous dose of empathy to be able to understand and relate to what is happening around us. Unless you are a social deviant who has drawn your own perimetral circle to enclose yourself within, then you are really at a loss and out of touch with reality." ~Rose Marie Natoza Santos, October 20, 2017

"It's already a fact that the people want a new leadership that could transcend this fledgling nation into a robust, tough and progressive archipelago in this side of the globe." ~Aleph Haorh on Philippines Politics: Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte

“It is important to act immediately for the welfare and safety of the children. Every child on the street is vulnerable to life-threatening risks. We cannot let them think that asking for alms or caroling on the streets is normal." ~Judy Taguiwalo, DSWD Secretary

"It is quite ironic that it took a foreign commentator to unmask the true color of Trillanes." ~Tito Romy, June 22, 2017 on BBC HardTalk interviewer Stephen Sackur

"It's time to heal - and unite. The new President Rodrigo Duterte has been elected - and by Heaven's grace, Leni Robredo will be our Vice President. They are a unique but good combination to deliver what many Filipinos have clamored for and articulated in this election. This elections has shown what democracy is -- that people have the right to demand accountability, expect better governance and delivery of public service, and to experience that the laws are enforced in a fair and equitable manner. This elections has taught us that people mobilize on their own and that there is potential to demonopolized power by a few. Let us thank however our past President Noynoy Aquino for his hard work in delivering economic growth, for improving our economic fundamentals, and for introducing accountability of public officials in practice. But the elections was not about his achievements but the desire of people to be given more economic opportunities, to receive better public service, and for a level playing field. Let us acknowledge that PNoy's administration has raised the bar of governance and that's perhaps the reason why people have wanted more. It is also time to acknowledge those who made this elections orderly, generally fair, and for lesser incidence of violence: the people for their restraint but vigilance in ensuring their votes are counted, the COMELEC (despite glitches, including yours truly being stricken off the list) and independent election watchers, the police and military for their neutral stance, for social media especially Facebook for providing the space for all to participate in the discourse - and last but not the least, the school teachers and other public servants who braved and toiled till midnight to ensure that 2016 elections is peaceful, orderly and fair." ~Imelda Deinla

"It takes courage to make a hard choice. Without courage, all other virtues are meaningless." ~Jose Alejandrino

"It was the Filipino who voted me to power, and that power will remain with the Filipino." ~President RR Duterte

"Japan is the best leader and has a heart for the world! They are indeed the land of the rising sun and the Philippines is forever the pearl of the orient!" ~Aubrey Love Babiera-Rogers, FB

"July 1, 2016 will mark a New Beginning, The real change will arise and adjustments will be very necessary. Many Filipinos surely will not like the changes that Pres Rodrigo Roa Duterte will impose. For the Dabawenyos these changes will not be new. We are already used to the discipline that the good Mayor has taught us. But for those who doesn't know him, well, He will really come very harsh and dictatorial. Anyway, In time everybody will come to embrace the "Duterte kind of governance" and In time we will all be reaping the glory that this administration will bring. Change is Coming." ~Gerry Madrazo

"Just as every facet of our government is rotten to the core, the only way to change it is to dismantle it and start anew." ~Jovybev Aquino, August 25, 2017

"Just because the US is helping us [through official aid] that does not mean they can meddle in our internal problems. We are a sovereign country. We have our own Constitution" ~Former President Erap Estrada (October 23, 2016)

"Just work on yourself. We can work on your mouth. But your heart is where it is. We waited for that kind of heart for a long time. Just be yourself and we’re all here to help you.” ~Irene Santiago (FB, June 2016)

"Knowing that the US rather gave one Balangiga Bell to Korea than return it to Filipinos, despite being allies, breaks my heart." ~Joffre Balce

"Kung kami Bayani Sir, ikaw po yong bayani ng mga Bayani." ~2nd Lt. Jerome Jacoba
["If we are the heroes Sir, then you are the hero of the heroes."] on President RR Duterte (August 30, 2016)

‪"Less than a week ago an Australian woman was the victim of an ejk in Minneapolis. Australian media reports that this year alone there have been around 500 ejk's in the US. Therefore, the US is hardly the correct venue to talk about human rights. Unfortunately, Pinoys think of the US as a demi-god." ~Banjo Velasco, July 21, 2017 ‬FB

"Let me reduce yellow history in one sentence: You fought a corpse and the corpse won." ~Darwin Cañete On anti Marcos rallyists re: burial at LNMB. Dec 1, 2016

"..... let the information light up those in the shadows for the world to see, stop their conspiracy and for the rule of law to take its course." ~Rafael Alunan III on Freedom of Information, 8 January 2017

"Let us be observant of the different personalities upfront and behind the scenes, be it in politics, socmed, MSM, business, religious groups, social organizations and individuals. Let us be critical of them analyzing and gauging the purpose of their actions. We will be the ones who can make a difference in our country. It will be us who will have the say as to what system will be accepted or as to who will stay and influence us. At the end of the day, it is the voice of the masses, our voices, that will be heard. This vicious cycle of corruption and disservice to the citizenry should stop. We could only achieve this by applying it first to ourselves." ~Grace Tan, May 2018, FB

"Let's build new bridges without burning old ones that need fixing and improvement." ~Rafael Alunan III, on International Relations, 8 January 2017

"Let us join hands together as we continue to show our true love and dedication to our country and to give our support for our President to all his programs and projects. He is a gift to all of us." ~Gemma Sotto, Leader of DDS Tapang at Malasakit, New York, April 30, 2018

"Let's not wait for the president to fix things we can fix ourselves. In most cases, that is the best way to support him." ~Darwin Cañete, February 14, 2017

"Martial Law is an experience that many of us are familiar with, but it takes a lot of egoism to declare Martial Law. So I hope we'll never have it unless the ruler or the leader is very narcissistic. Martial Law is just an expression of a frustrated soul." - Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, April 2016

"Military Strength is the best deterrent. In situations like ours, wherein our military forces have only recently been receiving the MUCH-NEEDED support and guidance from a strong and sincere leader like President Duterte, DIPLOMACY is our first line of defense." ~Drei Toledo, April 16, 2017

"Mr. Alejandrino is asking us to prepare for a revolution that is big, and ripe and imminent. It is not a thing of whim but a clamoring from the people themselves - clamoring that's began a long time ago. We need to psyche ourselves up." ~YESU BEN, August 2017

My being a President is a mere title, l am human like you, and we are all equal.' ~President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
"This statement is a reflection of a leader who's willing to abase himself just to meet the people in common ground. It's a rare attribute found in high ranking officials or head of the state. Duterte is unique, down-to-earth, and wise." ~Aleph Haorh

"My duty as President is to uphold and enforce the law, and I will pursue and prosecute these killers to the hilt in accordance with law, and I will be–as I have been–protective of the rights of journalists, and for that matter of any citizen, of the Republic." ~Duterte., June 8, 2016, Inquirer

"My governance will be very simple. It will revolve around the well-being of the Filipino people. I will ask them "Nakakain na ba kayo?," "Nakapagpagamot ba kayo?," "Nakapag-aral ba ang mga anak ninyo?," "Wala na ba kayong takot?." ~President-elect Rody Duterte, his message to the participants of the Food Security Forum in 21 April 2016, Davao City.

"My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins." ~President Manuel L. Quezon, (1939, in an article in INSIDE ASIA)

"My pride as a Filipino has always been there, but it lay dormant. It sparked from time to time but it lay buried under the colonial persona that loved everything American. Who would have thought that a septuagenarian, a foul-mouthed Bisaya, a maong-corduroy loving small-time mayor will be the one to fire up that dormant nationalism and finally make me truly proud that I am a Filipino and yes, there is such a thing as the dignity of the Filipino people." ~Monette Hernandez, 31 October 2016

"Nationalism is reflected in disapproval, aversion, and even resistance to foreign cultures." ~Benson Bautista

"No matter how worthless Vice-Presidents are, if you know how to play your cards right, it just might propel you to the Presidency when your time comes." ~We Are Collective, September 12, 2017

"No state and equipment nor well-disciplined and well-trained soldier can put an end to TERRORISM in Mindanao. We must unite as ONE FILIPINOS in our fight against the terrorist groups. We need to extend all out support to our brave men who are risking their lives to keep every Filipino safe and attain peace in the communities." ~Civil Relations Service AFP

"Nobody seems to recognize that the root of the divide is more due to different political priorities. Why are we always talking at cross purposes? Because at the top of your list are EJKs and the burial of Marcos at Libingan. At the top of my list is a move toward efficient and effective government, one that is sincere in its service to the people. I am for tax reform, higher fiscal spending and opening up to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). I believe what Lee Kuan Yew said about the Philippines is true: that the US-style setup of government has failed us even before Marcos tried to change it, and I believe we should move to a parliamentary and federalist system. We need to break up our huge archipelagic country into more manageable and governable federal states. I am concerned that the corruption we have always seen in Philippine politics may have links to drugs—narcopolitics, in other words. I am for peace in Mindanao and a tough stance on terrorists and outlaws. I feel all these things are closer to happening with this administration. Duterte gets all of this and is the best chance we have had since...forever." ~Charles Englund

"No matter how busy your holiday season may be, you can rest your heart in knowing that God remains in control and works according to His plan." ~Manny Pacquiao

"Now, more than ever, the youth have the responsibility to be the leaders we lost in the dark years." ~Bea Orante on Martial Law, free lance writer

"One good thing I love life in the province is the smell of the farm where animals, humans and nature are in harmony. That's LIFE." ~Ricardo Perez

"ONE of the acknowledged foremost experts in dengue research in the world had tried to forewarn Philippine authorities on the use of Dengvaxia vaccine on children who had never contracted dengue, but the government ignored him." ~Nelson Ercia Abesamis (December 2017)

"Our national interest must drive policy underscored by the reality that we exist today in an interdependent world. Goodwill to all with malice toward none, but with eyes open." ~Rafael Alunan III, on Internal Relations, 8 January 2017

"Philippines goverment has been in a long battle against narcotics after President Duterte vowed to continue with the fight despite frequent condemnation by the international community human rights and other critics." ~NewsFox, 27 July 2017

"Philippine history is rife with incidents of power being seized by the sock puppets from the genuine patriots. Aguinaldo versus Bonifacio and Antonio Luna. // Roxas and Quirino from Osmeña. The mysterious deaths of Claro M. Recto and Ramon Magsaysay. Marcos in 1986. Estrada in 2001. The continuing attempts to oust Duterte from 2016 up to the present. // Filipino quislings have won each time at the expense of the average Filipino. // Independent since 1946 but NO NATIONAL IDENTITY. The moral compass is also bent because of the Church allowing sinning and forgiving 700 times 700 times and the Church also playing politics with religion." ~RG San Luis, on CHURCH, POLITICS AND RELIGION, May 17, 2018

"Politics is too small when compared to everyday Filipinos who have larger than life dreams." ~Mike Acebedo Lopez, March 27, 2017

"Politiko ka man o hindi (whether you're a politician or not), you will always have enemies; but if you satisfy six out of ten people, you are already good." ~FE Marcos as retold but Boquiren (ex Presidential Guard )

"Remember, the enemy is powerful. They have the machine and the money. Deception is their strategy and the only way to win against it is by abiding in truth." ~Philippine Progressive Watch, 26 July 2017

"Rev gov is an option for the President to overcome our present political environment that is rotten, vicious, corrupt, deceptive, and violent. It may be the first and last option for him depending on the threat situation in order to protect our people and our country." ~Abe Purugganan, November 27, 2017

"Strength of mind overcomes weakness of body." ~from Manny Pacquiao

"Strength respects strength. Only the west is fascinated with weaklings since they can fashion that person into their image and likeness. Never again!" ~‪Sarah Ysmael Arriola‬, April 16, 2017

"Stupidity is contemptible in itself but to not recognize it in yourself is the biggest tragedy of all." ~Rowena Burden

"Supporting the duly constituted government is our fundamental duty to the Republic and the Constitution." ~Darwin Cañete, April 1, 2017

‪"Teach and train them in their respective talent interest like farmings trades all kinds of mechanic electrician masonry and carpentry cooking bakings and animal husbandry as such: when they are ready to join the society they have skills to support themselves." ~Oscar Delos Santos, 29 November 2016 on Drug addicts rehabilitation program at Mega Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Nueva Ecija‬

"Thank you Adam for your objectivity, knowledgeable, truthful, open-minded, honest to goodness observation of the facts on the ground and actual situation in the Philippines and of President Duterte. Your support and defense of Duterte and his administration is a source of encouragement for the 94% happy and satisfied Filipinos." ~Pablo Evelyn Lee, March 23, 2018 on Adam Garrie (Interview with Rado Gatchalian)

"The agonies of greed are sometimes hidden by the entertainment antics of the greedy." ~Efron M. Delima, 1 July 2017

"The Balangiga Bell is the stark reminder of the US violation of human rights in the Philippines and if returned, it will be a great apology that we can graciously receive." ~Jerry Jimenez, July 26, 2017 post SONA2.

"The biggest problem our country faces isn’t drugs or poverty or transport or environmental. The current biggest problem has been the same biggest problem for over half a century. CORRUPTION HAS RAPED AND BURIED THE FILIPINO." ~Franco Mabanta, MindaNation, August 12, 2017

“The bottom line: Hard tactics aside, Filipinos are better off under Duterte than they were during the previous administration.” ~Panos Mourdoukoutas (2018)

"The Court, of course, is not blind to history but is not a judge of history; it is a judge of the interpretation and application of the terms of the Constitution." ~Associate Justice Arturo D. Brion on SC decision/ruling to allow FEM's burial in LNMB, November 2016

"The damage De lima has inflicted on our country is plunder by all measures!!! How many business ventures will be turned away for our country, just for her to save her hide! The administration has extended to her all the latitude of the edict of "innocence until proven guilty in a court of law". But her tirade on international media is disgusting and she does not deserve to be allowed to travel again, hence the issuance of an HDO is warranted. She is self-centered, selfish, conceited & unbecoming of a Senator of the Republic." ~Dr. Jack Arroyo

“The CPP-NPA-NDF has degenerated into a National Extortion Syndicate, the obsession of which is just to squeeze money from private companies, businessmen, planters, and contractors, and whose expertise is burning and destroying properties and resources without regard for human lives. They are mere bandits and terrorists posing as communist” ~General Eduardo M Año, AFP Chief of Staff

"The essential significance of Rizal is as a symbolism of the best of the Filipino, and as the embodiment of hope in the power of change to make our society better (peaceful reforms)... " ~Caloy Bueno

"The fight for the Motherland is bigger and more important than us . We cannot let this slip out of our hands. ..., "the enemy is powerful." So powerful and it is attacking the president on all fronts. He needs us more than ever. He is old, tired and almost losing hope. I can see it in his eyes . We can do this. We made it happen last May election (2016), we can certainly push this and complete the victory..................For the Motherland................ For the future of our children." ~Blaire Ejercito, FB 2017

"The Filipino spirit is like no other – the more we struggle from one turmoil and calamity to the next, the more resilient we become and we still manage to smile. We have an unwavering faith in God, we are creative, talented and optimistic. And for me, being a Filipino means that I have to support my country by respecting the voice of the people." ~Joyce Herrera-Wong on Greed and Narcissism, FB

"The first thing non-supporters of Duterte should do is to recognize that a revolution has started and that the second thing that they should do is to recognize that the revolution is long in coming and that it is a necessity." ~F. Sionil Jose, Philippine National Artist for Literature (from Sasot)

"The foundation of a society built on the notion of 'human rights' consists of foresight, consistency, and scientific reasoning — all anathema to the Filipino cultural archetype. For the Filipino, human rights is, quite simply, too hard." ~Benigno O, Get Real Post, FB

"The freedom of information is key to a balance power between the government and its citizens." ~Martin Andanar, Secretary of Philippines Communication Office, 26 November 2016

"THE HIGHEST CONTRACT BETWEEN THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE AND PUBLIC SERVANTS (elected or appointed) is a clause in the Constitution which meant the people are the 'rights holders' (as owners of government) and public servants are 'duty bearers' who must protect and safeguard life, property and liberty of the people at all times and serve the people's well-being to their utmost." ~Maguid Maruhom, 10 May 2016

"The inaugural address of Pres Duterte this afternoon at Malacanang was brief , flawless, showed strike of brilliance each time he touched on a serious matter." ~Abdullah Dangcal Alonto, on Pres. RR Duterte's Inaugural speech, 30 June 2016

"The master and the grandmaster talking about the world on how to have peace in the universe.." ~Jocast Castillo on Duterte and Putin's Bilateral Meeting in Peru, 20 November 2016

"The monopoly of the oligarchs and the political manipulators is now being challenged. And as sure as day follows night, the corporate-media empires will fall like every other empire on Earth before them.... If you want to talk about a people’s revolution, it’s right here. This is where the yoke of mass-media control is being thrown off; where the people will Reclaim the News, and where, eventually, the self-obsessed, self-assured, self-opinioned, self-congratulatory, self-indulgent, self-serving and now, self-destructing mainstream media will learn that they have no inalienable right to tell the people what to think and what to believe. And while we’re on the subject, perhaps the Liberal Party could fix that typo in their title – given their passionate policy of oppressing free expression we’re sure they meant to call it the Illiberal Party." ~Louise Gabriel, December 13, 2017

"The 1987 constitution is not the will of the sovereign Filipino people. It is the will of the yellows and the oligarchy. It was engineered to steal from the Filipino people. It must then be abrogated!" ~Abe Purugganan

"The past presidents didn't do much to dismantle the machinery of narcopolitics in the Philippines. They were afraid of the blood, sweat, and tears that entail. So, they sort of tolerated it. The shabu trade flourished. That also means not doing anything to rehabilitate those suffering from drug addiction, as evidenced by the lack of rehabilitation centres. Duterte isn't afraid of the work needed to be done in order to dismantle narcopolitics in our country. He's not even afraid to die for this cause. This same seriousness is also reflected in his administration's efforts to build rehabilitation centres for drug addicts. Tunay na TAPANG at MALASAKIT." ~Sass Rogando Sasot, December 1, 2016

"The people of the Philippines elected Rodrigo Duterte since they wanted law and order, and he gave it to them. They have chosen a very strong ruler." ~US Senator Richard Black (from Newsinfolearn, FB, Dec 18, 2016)

"The Philippines is heading in the right direction with President Duterte as our social vehicle!" ~Rado Gatchalian, March 23, 2018

"The President’s remarks that the Philippines cannot control the drug problem underscore its depth, enormity and complexity.
PRRD’s statement further points out that the drug situation in the Philippines is a problem that cannot be solved overnight. The anti-drug campaign must thus continue to be unrelenting and unremitting while getting everyone’s full support and cooperation." ~Sec Ernest Abella ON PRRD’s remarks regarding PH drug problem

"The President, with the little time he has, is working HARD to deliver what he promised to the FILIPINOS and he sent messages of encouragement to participate in the nation building by examining our values and put our common senses into use. Does he care about this “blogger’s "word war’ in any way? I don’t think so. He is the PRESIDENT of the country and he is the President of the Filipinos be it a DDS, a fence sitter or opposition. He made his promises during the campaign and he is committed to delivering it." ~Ricardo Perez on warring SocMed bloggers, 14 January 2018

"The previous Administration was a governance of neglect, apathy and indifference. It deepened the culture of corruption in the whole Government bureaucracy." ~Buds Molina Fernando, August 27, 2017

"The problem in our country is beyond our expectation, beyond our imagination. This illegal drug [problem] is really bad. Government officials, elected officials are involved." ~Sen. Manny Pacquiao

"The rights and freedom you enjoy now were not served in silver platters, we fought hard battles for them. Your responsibility is to keep and protect them." ~Maguid Maruhom, May 19, 2016

"The Senate is not the hiding place of people sworn to observe the law. You and Delima are bar topnotchers, officers of the Court, let the process be made and argue the case in court. That is our system, not perfect, but that is how it is." ~Maria Lourdes Navarro Tiquia, Lobbyist, Political Strategist on Koko Pimentel, Senate President's delayed arrest of DeLima), February 24, 2017

"The sum total of experience is the root of history." ~Roberto Sylianteng
(Ang SUMA TOTAL NA KARANASAN ang ugat dng kasaysayan.)December 2016

"The toughness and dedication you showed in directing an independent foreign policy and separating from dependency and submission made everyone listen. Now the Philippines under your leadership will not be bullied or taken for granted." ~Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, 22 November 2016, APEC - Lima, Peru

"The unawares or partially conscious people can't get Duterte as he's miles and miles ahead in evolution of human consciousness. Not only is his language peculiar of where he's coming from but his idiosyncratic package of which psychologically all of us are allowed as free human beings are what boggles the opposition who operate on the plain linear mind. Duterte is intuitive and is not to be interpreted on simple logic but on the complex reality of how the human mind operates i.e. things are not what they appear to be and the cyclic nature of reality, the law of cause and effect. That's why he emphasized in his SONA the Revised Penal Code's Retribution Principle." ~Jon T. Hermosisima, 25 July 2017

"The United States of America should be blamed for remoulding the Filipinos in their own ‘Image’ and depriving them of their ‘Soul’ – an experience that have left the ‘Bewildered’ about their ‘Identity.’ “They (Filipinos) are Asian People not Asian in the eyes of their fellow Asians. Not Western in the eyes of the West.” -Stanley Abram KARNOW, In Our Image: America’s Empire in the Philippines

“The world may not agree, but let’s admit. Duterte is a role model." ~Emmanuel Macron, President of France

"There are certain things that are better left for history -- not this Court -- to adjudge. The Court could only do so much in accordance with the clearly established rules and principles. Beyond that, it is ultimately for the people themselves, as the sovereign, to decide, a task that may require the better perspective that the passage of time provides. In the meantime, the country must move on and let this issue rest." ~Supreme Court's Decision on Marcos Burial (November 2016)

"There is equally noi need for us to have an opinion on everything. A lot of times, keeping your mouth shut and learning to observe in silence could be the smartest singular thing to do." ~We Are Collectivr

"There's gold in the plants." ~Grover Rosie, Filipino Cacao Farmer

"There is only one person whom I know who have no records of corruption and that is Digong." ~Late Sen. Miriam Santiago on PRRD

"There is only one Philippine Government and one Armed Forces. All others are illegal and enemies of the state." ~Abe Purugganan, 27 July 2017

"They will never go gently into the night. There is no good night for those who betrayed and robbed the nation blind from Day One of its fight for freedom." ~Nelson Navarro, Karma on Aquinos

"30 years after, the overwhelming feeling is one of betrayal and disillusionment. EDSA '86 is no longer the dream of peace and progress but the nightmare of corruption and apathy. It is one of the greatest con and one the most brazen swindle in the history of this country." ~Mark Lopez, A Calm Before Storm on EDSA Rally, February 25, 2017

"This is our country as much as it is yours. Maybe more, unless you've given up your Australian residency. It is our constitution. And that man in Malacanang is OUR president​." Trixie Cruz-Angeles on Jim Paredes, FB, February 25, 2017

“This is the only country that we have; we must take care of it through a perpetual search for peace” ~Gen Manuel T Yan (PHIL Ambassador to Thailand) (2018)

"This is what you get when you know only how to talk but you don't know exactly what to do. President Duterte will be called a political genius for nothing. He has shaken the world because of his good political maneuvering. You see the man you underestimated? He is now shaking your world." ~Ed Manibog, On PDAF, May 9, 2017

"Those that remind us of the indomitable will of the human spirit to triumph over adversity, that make you believe in people, that make you hope for our country and our world." ~Mike Acebedo Lopez, March 27, 2017

"To avoid conflict, people must submit to an authority that will step in to reward good behavior, punish bad behavior, and remind everyone to avoid future bad behavior in order for everyone to live better lives without conflict." ~Orion Perez D, November 29, 2016

“To be a doctor, to be a lawyer – if you come from a simple family, it’s really a big dream." ~Karen Mae L. Calam, 2016 Bar Topnotcher, USC

"To fail to understand that what happened was a revolution, the birth of a reform movement (and an overdue one), is one of the reasons you are puzzled by the vehemence and passion of Duterte supporters." ~Charles Englund (FB, November 15, 2016)

‪"To make an honest mistake is not the end of the world; it's when you continually repeat the same mistake knowing that it is wrong." ~Felix Ortega‬

"To my mind, what comes as a pleasant offshoot of Duterte’s victory is the fact that more and more Filipinos have awoken from their indifference over what’s happening in the country and are now actually interested enough to contribute to the political discourse. I know of contacts who have now started to care enough to expect better government service, whereas before it was all just about thriving in their own comfortable spheres whilst fending off the inconveniences of government ineptitude." ~Patricia Mirasol

"To walkout over a committee is cowardice." ~SEN. DICK GORDON (September 2016 on De Lima)

"Truth gives no assurance of comfort. Nor does it guarantee freedom. It often jails people as much as it frees them." ~Bryan Ng Co

"Until the last drop of our blood, we will fight under your leadership. We will die serving the country because we see the sincerity of our president. It is an honor to serve under your leadership." ~2nd Lt. Jerome Jacoba (August 30, 2016) on President RR Duterte

"Vigilance is the price for our freedom!" ~Peter Tiu Lavina

"Watching, reading and listening to all my brothers and sisters sacrificing their time and effort, swallowing assaults from family and friends for their passion but never yielding to the pressure. .........I'm so overwhelmed by the rebirth of love for our nation. Let's not lose hope and keep this fire burning in our hearts. Let's all keep fighting till we're rid of all the ills that have plagued our nation." ~Jovybev Aquino, March 24, 2017

"We are one with you to bring back the trust and confidence of the Filipino People with the Judicial System and the PNP." -Senator Migz Zubiri, on PNP Chief Ronald Adela Rosa, 30 November 2016 (Senate Hearing)

“We cannot over-emphasize the role of civil servants in nation building. They are our partners in instituting growth and development.“ ~Manny Pacquiao, 14 August 2017, ILO Convention 151

"We hold in our very hands the future of our country!!! Let's give our President the tools he needs to effect CHANGE FASTER!!!" ~Roy Nichols Aguilar, 23 August 2017

"We FILIPINOS have been since time immemorial in a vicious cycle of confusion between cause and effect to seed crimes and corruptions. For one, this cycle has still been making it next to impossible to make up our minds, more as attention allows." ~Robert F. Posadas

"We have a President that sees what's wrong and sets out to fix things. In fact, all he asks is for us to stop doing the wrong things, especially those that wreck our long-term safety and security across-the-board." ~Rafael Alunan III

"We heard Hontiveros and the yellows are using kids, clueless schoolchildren under the tutelage of corrupt nuns, to further their political agenda and spite the administration. Mga bata na lang ba kaya nyong utuin at lokohin at gamitin sa kawalanghiyaan nyo? Anyare? Wala na kayong malokong matanda pwera sa mga kaya nyong bayaran? What manner of misfortune has afflicted your ilk that you must drag yourselves so low?" ~We Are Collective, July 19, 2017

"We have no sense of shared destiny." ~Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

"We have too many ups and downs. With failures and victory. We almost gave up. But like our Philippine flag: we shall remain high. High in spirit. True in our motives." ~Rado Gatchalian, March 2, 2017, UnitedDDS Sydney

"WE WANT CHANGE! We want a leader that can bring us to that Promised Land. Duterte is a destructor of bad democracy, and equipped with an iron policy to effectively govern this country. We want a radical change; we believe it’s the only way... I’m taking that rollercoaster ride with him. I’m going up, slightly scared and excited, I don’t know what’s coming next but I know it’s going to be good. You can’t handle it, then ride a carousel that will give you the same vicious cycle of greed, corruption and illegal drugs. This great iron fist will change the infrastructure of the society of Philippines for the better, you're either with us, or against us, SO BE IT." ~Vivian Velez

“We, who are in the business of raising revenues so that government may amply invest in our people, are at the frontline of this broad effort to lift our economy to a higher plane of growth. We carry the best hopes of our people on our shoulders. " ~Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III, at the Fourth Quarter Revenue Command Conference held at the BIR Head Office in Quezon City. November 29, 2016 on boost growth and attack poverty (MindaNation)

"We will hitch our stars on this man who you say is a threat to democracy because he speaks our language, he expresses our anger and he understands our dreams." ~Manny Piñol on RRD

"We will maintain relations with the West but we desire stronger integration with our neighbors." ~Dept. of Finance Sec. Carlos Dominguez, October 22, 2016

"We won't beat drugs if we keep saying we can't. Defeatism is like aiding and abetting this deadly trade. We will beat drugs if both the government and society come together to extinguish it by addressing the supply and demand ends of the business equation. ............. Government addresses supply, society addresses demand. Government in the exercise of good governance; society in the exercise of responsible citizenship. It's called "whole-of-nation" approach with unity of purpose to save our children's future." ~Rafael Alanan III, 11 January 2017

"What happened in Ozamiz today is long-overdue.Ozamiz is a microcosm of a sick society under a corrupt governance and public apathy. It is what the president wants to extinguish-drugs, corruption and criminality. We hope other politicians with criminal minds will learn from it. It's not too late. There are still warlords, druglords, crimelords who must be banished from the face of the earth." ~Arturo Lomibao, August 2017

"When democracy doesn’t deliver, its legitimacy becomes difficult to defend. And when successive elite-dominated governments have used democracy for their own ends, the balance tilts towards authoritarianism." ~Cleve Kevin Robert Arguelles, Instructor of Political Science at University of the Philippines, December 22, 2016

"“We work hard for the sake of our family and children.
We fight for the sake of our fellow countrymen.
We have to resist to the very end.”"
~CRS*AFP, May 30, 2017

"Whatever he said in the media just to pamper his ego is just for show.. the truth is in the middle of the night when he is alone..he' s cursing himself in disgust. Its during those lone moments that we realize what or who we really are." ~Lito Recio on Trillanes re:BBC HardTalk, 28 June 2017

"When Duterte came to power, we recovered our national dignity." ~Wilfredo Villacorta, PH Former Ambassador

"When two sides rally around a common goal, the human spirit takes over and miracles happen." ~Rafael Alunan III, 26 July 2017

"When politics continually gets in the way of nation-building - of growing the economy; of developing our ethics, knowledge and skills; of uniting the nation; of harmonizing our diverse cultures - whenever a political solution is applied to every problem that has nothing to do with politics - that only means we keep repeating the same stupid mistake. That makes us a stupid race. To save us from ourselves, we need to classify stupidity as a heinous crime." ~Rafael Alunan III, May 30, 2017

"When the Church is criticized, it complains that it is being persecuted. But when the Church itself persecutes, it claims its actions in defense of the faith. Socrates Villegas should be reminded of the vicious persecutions that the Catholic Church had committed in the past: the burning of heretics and witches, the persecutions of the Jews, the murder of the Cathars and the Huguenots, the persecution of the Jansenists, the mass slaughter of the "infidels" during the Crusades, etc. Villegas is a shameless hypocrite." ~Eduardo J. Berenguer, April 17, 2017. Comment: From Manila Times: Defend what is right, Villegas urges bishops (Archbishop Socrates Villegas)

“When you pick a fight with him, he will not let it pass—he will deal with you. This is very deep in him.” ~Jesus Dureza, Pres. RR Duterte's Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process in Mindanao

"Who believes in journalists these days anyway? Journalists at politiko pare pareho lang magaling mag imbento ng kwento para mapaniwala ng tao!" ~Butch M. Natividad , November 30, 2016 On Presstitutes

“With a keen appreciation for the immaterial treasures that bring us closer to God, let us continue to pursue an agenda for genuine change that will be for the best interest of our people. I hope that we cherish with fondness, love and gratitude the spiritual inheritance left by our ancestors and loved ones on their special day." ~President RR Duterte, 1 November 2016

"Without demonstrably satisfying any compelling public interest, Rappler and the leaker accomplished only one thing: thoroughly damage our government’s reputation concerning its ability to safeguard the confidentiality of high-level diplomatic communications. Other leaders will now surely hesitate to have frank conversations with our leaders. We cannot let Rappler and the leaker do this to our Republic." -Sass Sassot Rogando

"Why do we solicit the opinions and half-baked analyses of foreign observers when they aren't even stakeholders in this political problem?...If and when the dust of this political war settles, these international media outfits can just as easily offer a half-meant apology and say, "We thought Duterte was going to be a dictator as your VP had said. So, we helped you remove him. It turns out that he wasn't but he certainly had all the capacity to be a dictator."...And we, the Filipinos, will be left to pick up the pieces of a broken republic." ~Bryan Ng Co

"WHY THE PEOPLE SAY OUR PRESIDENT IS THE BEST EVER, It's only now that our country has been blessed with a President who has BOTH the welfare of the country at heart and the drive, the wisdom, the courage, the strength of character, the political will to forge ahead and grab the bull by the horns to solve the country's problems. Some presidents in the past had the welfare of the country at heart but not the drive, etc. While others had the latter (the drive, etc) but sad to say not the welfare of the country but the welfare of their own pockets at heart." ~Roy Nicholas Aguilar on PRRD 2017

"You are supposed to be the vanguards of responsible, fair, impartial and truthful journalism!" ~Uriel Emmanuel Soriano, An Open Letter to ABS-CBN, April 24, 2016

"You know the Philippines is on the global map when: Your president enters the Forbes' list of most powerful people for the first time in history. The number 1 critic of the president is listed (another first) among the 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine. We have entered history, let's make the most out of it." ~Richard Heydarian, December 16, 2016

"You may not like Duterte, but you have to admire his audacity. I’ve never seen any Philippine president who would go to the daring lengths that Duterte has to expose the hypocrisy of the Americans—and that makes me extremely proud." ~Jojo A. Robles, Manila Standard, July 26, 2017 (Post SONA2)

"You preach about freedom as if you invented it, as if it is your gift to us. Let me tell you what freedom is. It is to live a life that is free from your selective moral standard. This is what the meaning of EDSA is." ~Mayor Sara Duterte to Socrates Villegas, CBCP

"You went to the Court for relief. And it gave you a ruling based on law. But justice is rendered by any court not on the basis of politics but on the basis of law." ~Antonio P. Contreras, Philippine Political Scientist, 14 November 2016

⊰✿ღ¸╭•⊰✿¸.•*ღ¸╭•⊰✿¸.•* ღ¸╭•⊰✿¸.•*ღ¸╭•⊰✿¸.


⊰✿ღ¸╭•⊰✿¸.•*ღ¸╭•⊰✿¸.•* ღ¸╭•⊰✿¸.•*ღ¸╭•⊰✿¸.

This unattributed message was passed on to us by in-coming Finance Secretary, Sonny Dominguez (The original source for the quote is not known to Mindavote).

"Reminders for those who supported Du30 and; also those who did not: When you voted for Duterte, you didn't vote for change. What you voted for was the candidate that could help you change. Yes, it's YOU that has to change.

So stop cutting lines. Stop promoting ignorance. Stop jaywalking. Stop littering. Pay your taxes. Know the law. Follow the rules. Study your lessons. Get a job. Go help someone. Plant a tree. Invest in goodness. Make a positive impact.

Because the statement "Change is Coming" is not a battlecry you shout to the world; it's a solemn promise you make to yourself. And if that change does not come, it's less of his failure as a President and more of our collective failure as a nation.", FB, June 2016


"He is like a sponge... picks up knowledge and common sense by osmosis." ~Dennis Garcia on Manny Pacquiao (Fight against Jessi Vargas, in Las Vegas, November 6, 2016)

"Manny Pacquiao's win is an example of hardwork, faith in God and unadulterated Filipino courage. Great example for those who aspire!" ~Senator Richard Gordon, November 6, 2016



"A great leader is one who is beholden to his nation. He is without prejudice; and who is fair, just and merciful." ~Leah C. Dancel, April 6, 2017 On President Duterte

"Although he usually lacked oratorical finess, his commanding yet candid speeches, like his signature curse the *PI word, were forceful; his plain dress and unassuming ways helped to make him extremely popular with the common people, in whom he had much greater faith than the past leader; and, above all, he was an eminently successful manager of men and passionate about his people and country." ~Chinkee De Asis on President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

"As a Syrian citizen who has lost many people and things in my home country, my advice to all people from the Philippines: Stand by your president. He is your best choice to make your country safe and strong." ~Ayman Jahjah, May 28, 2017

"As they say, everything has a breaking point and this is it...people are just fed up with all the lies, the manipulations and charades these unfit public servants and their cohorts had been doing for decades. People are now more discerning, more vigilant and more sensitive to any form of fakery." ~‪Rose Marie Natoza Santos‬, March 24, 2018

"Duterte has done more for this country than all past presidents after Marcos combined." ~Krizette Laureta Chu, August 2017

"Duterte is a lawyer-president. Judge him not of what he actually speaks, but judge him of not what he utters." ~James Morales on LOUDER THAN WORDS

"Duterte is at least open, unlike other politicians who might be quieter, or present themselves better, but "deep inside they do horrible things."" ~Jr de Guzman

"..... Duterte is just a symbol of our hopes and our dreams--and men have been fighting for their hopes and dreams forever. Duterte is an idea as much as he is a living, breathing thing. And ideas don't die, and hope is hard to extinguish." ~Krizette Laureta Chu

“Duterte represents a movement in the Philippines to change the way politics works.” ~Stephen Sackur, BBC HARDTalk

"Fiipinos have a President, a real President, one that they are proud of." ~John Parsons

‪"First time in the history of this country that we have a very humble president that not only gives hope, but inspires patriotism! And I'm very proud to be a Davaeño." ~Bogz Rono, February 9, 2017‬

"For the first time there is finally a leader and President that I finally respect." ~Dave Jonathan Lamar, Fil-Am Singer

"He got things done that other presidents haven't, they didn't even try." ~Dr. Lorraine Badoy

"He has been Instrumental in making the Philippines a safer place." ~Steven Seagall on President Duterte, October 11, 2017

"He inspires devotion, and unlike any Philippine president before him, he inspires us to want to, and hope for, change." ~Krizette Laureta Chu, on President Duterte

"He is a man of high intellect. He is the chairman of ASEAN - leaders of the world trusted him. We are not here to judge our leaders, we are here to support and encourage him to be even more stronger and dedicated to his convictions as the father of our land. The least that we can do about his foulmouth is to pray that he will have the strength and courage to overcome it. It's hard to change oneself but we should have faith and it will work out the way it should in God's perfect time." ~JoAnn Tongcua Del Castillo

"He's 'Destined to be a Leader'. Why hate him when you can be PROUD?" ~Rolano M Mariquit, 10 September 2016, Iligan City, City of Waterfalls FBs

"He is playful at heart. His zany disposition keeps him look very young in his 70's. His serious perspectives are on the topmost shelf of his leadership. He has excellent strategic skills as a leader." ~Leah C. Dancel, 17 October 2016 on Pres. Duterte

"He is popular because he is an effective president not becase he's a media darling." ~Daily Duterte

"He knows better. He speaks to inform. He makes us understand." ~Christine Martinez

"I admire this man's (President Duterte) style of counter-terrorism and his efforts against crimes and drug dealers. This is the only way to stop all this ISIS circus." ~Ayman Jahjah

"I always believed that the reason why big media hates Duterte is that his win empirically proved that buying political advertisements and currying favorable coverage from their oligarch owners for purposes of election no longer matters. They stand revealed to be a big waste. That is why Duterte is a threat. Not EJK. Not the war on drugs. Duterte represents the growing irrelevance of big media and the degraded ability of oligarchs to dictate on the national agenda." ~Darwin Cañete, April 2, 2017

"I always pray for your continued strength, dedication and foresight, your leadership has helped millions of Filipinos both in the Philippines and around the world." ~Michael Conlan, a British citizen with a Filipino heart on PRRD

"I am just an ordinary Western who cares for the Philippines and its people. What I have seen over the last 2 years since he has become President, from my heart I can tell you that your President Rodrigo Duterte, is a once in a lifetime true leader of his people. He is the real "Jewel in the Crown" of the Philippines....the "real deal"!...Love him, care for him...and fearlessly protect him ...so he can continue in his efforts to vastly improve the lives of the Filipino people...Your future, and the future of your children, and their children, depends on it!" ~Peter Vodicka (The President in the eyes of the foreigners)

"I deeply admire and strongly support my President RRD and I don't mind how you are going to label me." ~Lindy Pujante (2018)

"I don't get it. They arrest de lima on drug charges but then leave a psychopath in charge of your country that openly admits to murdering people and throwing them out of a helicopter....go figure." ~Stuart Brooks, 26 February at 14:25, FB

"I never thought I’d see the day when a Philippine president would be this simple." ~Lorraine Marie T. Badoy on meeting Pres. RR Duterte, FB, 8 December 2016

"I remember in one of his speech he says, "my administration is for the hopeless, helpless and defenseless." Inuuna nya talaga ang maliliit. Anyone can be polite to a king, but it takes a gentleman like him to be polite to a beggar. I love this President." ~Bryce Jervis, November 5, 2016

"I think (that) President Duterte was responding to the concerns of the people of the Philippines, and the lesson for politicians around the world is to tap into the concerns, particularly of those who feel left behind by globalization, those who have been affected by the disruption of technologies, and those who fear change." ~Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister of Australia, March 17-18, 2017

"Integrity is a lifelong choice of lifestyle. You are not born with it. You chose to be IT! Pres. Duterte is one in a million kind of president. Savour it, learn from him." ~Catalia Venganza, 31 October 2016

"In the Philippines, a man like Duterte is like a veritable gift." ~Krizette Laureta Chu

"It is a good reminder for all of us Filipinos... That 'we won't succeed as a nation if we are divided. The interest of the country as a whole and its citizens of today and of the next should be in our hearts and our mind." ~Karl San Jose Marquez (FB Comment, September 10, 2016)

"... it's beyond amazing how people make the curses as their focal point of interest rather than what the President stood for. For God's sake, he stood for every Filipino and that surely includes you." ~Ranj De Chavez, September 6, 2016 (FB Comment)

"It takes a DUTERTE at the helm to have these fast development. A term of 6 years for DUTERTE will bring about change that will take decades for others to do or worse not at all. The decision to elect DUTERTE as president of this republic was right after all. Thus, let's protect this presidency at all cost." ~‪Jake Mejia‬

"Let us help President Duterte "purge the state of individuals actively working against the interests of the Filipino people". ~'‪Don' Luman-ag‬ (2018)

"Look at how the Japanese and other foreign leaders respect President Duterte! You can see that they have sincere and high regard to our President because they know that unlike his predecessors, Duterte is undeniably true to his oath of serving the Filipinos with love, integrity, purity and honesty! You can see that they are happy for the Filipinos because they know that finally, after all our struggles and countless heart breaks, we had elected a man who will do everything to stay true to his promise of giving us change, justice, order, welfare and peace- things that we long aspire for." ~Cho Jeri, September 6, 2016

"Many are underestimating the capability of President Duterte. What amazed me most is his scope of understanding how should civilisation be going the right path, and, with his explanation and justification will perhaps change the perspective of all the people around the world." ~Emmanuel Lagrosas

"Mr Rod Duterte: from excellent...to brilliant....like a 'diamond of brilliant cut'" ~Franco Jimenez, On his visit to Japan, October 25-28, 2016

"Obviously, as a lawyer himself, he is smart and clever enough to be a well-informed President. He tackles serious subjects concerning his leadership and government which he ruled with iron fists in matters of issues befuddling the country. His sharp tongue goes with the knowledge that would shame idiotic press thinking they could thumb him down. But a humble servant with God's mind in his heart, and love for his country unseen, unheard from previous predecessors made it known to the world that "you can't judge a book by its cover" knowing that he came from an island far away from the colonial and imperial Manila. His only influence is his Integrity and Honesty as demonstrated in his local leadership once plagued with crime that he managed to purge." ~Leah C. Dancel, October 20, 2016

"Our President worked far above and beyond the call of duty! Now it's OUR TURN to do our part: let's give him REV POWERS!" ~Roy Nichols Aguilar, 31 August 2017

"President Duterte has a humble heart and a strong personality! It takes character to combine both! He is like a bamboo and coconut combined!" ~Dixie De Leon

"President Duterte is a real patriot. He has a very strong political will. He's not just all talk, he produces results. He has achieved so much in his first 100 days, solving chronic problems left and right in our country." ~Jeso Frank Uy Sotelo, 31 October 2016

"President Duterte is among the talk-of-the-world with his continuing cleverness, wit and excellent sense of global affairs." ~Peter Tiu Lavina, 24 November 2016

"President Duterte is the most progressive president the Philippines has had in a long time. Facts will show he fights for the rights of every ordinary Filipinos, especially the poor whom are victims of rampant oligarchy and income inequality in the country." ~The Philippine Progressive Watch, 26 July 2017

"PRRD is their soulmate. No politics and trash in him. They see his works in Davao. They see in PRRD what fits in their eyes. Their handshakes are handshakes of trust and confidence in him." ~Leah C. Dancel, March 7, 2018'on Davaoenios

"President Duterte may not have realised his dream of becoming a Foreign Service diplomat, but here he is, as a President conducting an executive job for his country beyond his diplomatic dreams." ~Leah C. Dancel, October 19, 2016

"President Duterte stands as the man who will correct the age-old injustice, once and for all." ~Secretary Emmanuel Pinol, Department of Agriculture, October 17, 2016

"President Duterte's humility is unmatched." ~Dulce Amor Cruzata, Singer, December 2016

"Privately, President Duterte has a great sense of humor and is disarmingly amiable. But he is an out-of-the-box thinker who approaches things in a way that may be abstract to some. Hopefully, when the pieces start falling into place, we will see the logic behind his very unorthodox style." ~Babe Romualdez, Babe's Eye View/An Independent Path, October 30, 2016

"Regardless of what everyone says about him. I have been in Davao twice and visited PRRD's house, talked to some of his neighbours. He is just as normal as you and me trying to make a difference. His humbleness is hard to believe in. I have seen him once in his campaign. He is the one I saw before, here and there and further in his fight for the truth justice his own brilliant way. Let us support him more this 2018 onward." ~Arsenio Antonio Arcie Antonio

"Shallow people hear the words. Wise people hear the message. They hear the curses. We hear the outcry. ... Secondhand information always get lost in translation." ~Ranj De Chavez, September 6, 2016, FB Comment

"(The OFWS and I) wish you all the best... we wish you never give up because you're the last hope for the Philippines. You're the last angel who came not to talk but to do. We love you, Mr President Rodrigo Duterte!" ~George Johnson Emeka (His letter to Pres. Duterte, September 8, 2016, Moscow, Russia)

"The biggest problem in the Philippines is criminality, and as drugs cause crime, I fully backs Duterte's campaign." ~Melchor San Jose

"The Philippines needs Duterte. Any foreign country who can claim to speak against a leader with an 88% support base, should just remain silent. Far too many inept people with little ideas of the politics and political personnel of the Philippines are having far too much to say. The voice of 88% of Filipinos should never be spoken against by anyone." ~Ken Canning, Australian aboriginal leader and activist, October 2, 2017 (Rado Gatchalian - Radu30 Advocacy)

"The president is carrying a very heavy weight. He is supposed to be enjoying his sunset years with his kids and grand kids but he still chose to carry the fate of millions of Filipinos ... this is the right time for change,..." ~Jenn Roses, FB, September 16, 2016

"The reason why foreigners have a hard time understanding our President and the situation of our country is that we have a lot of spin doctors here who feed the imposed truth to the international media." ~Jim Dongiapon, On mainstream media

"Think of Duterte as Durian. Strong aroma, a prickly fruit...but damn, a taste of heaven." ~Darwin Canete, 7 April 2016

"Today was a good day for me. I got to be up close and personal with the President—a highly vilified man (vilified by elitists mostly, that’s what) and yet, too, one of the most beloved presidents this country has ever had. And I got to give him OUR message of gratitude and support........In the end, history will be the final judge of this man. I pray he turns out to be the transformational leader we all want so badly for him to be." ~Lorraine Marie T. Badoy on meeting Pres. RR Duterte, FB, 8 December 2016

"Traditional politicians mostly catered for rich people... Duterte, he can talk to the people the way poor people talk." ~Christina Fabiala

"Underneath the hard exterior is a heart which is filled with compassion and a genuine desire to help and serve." ~RG San Luis on PRRD, August 28, 2017

"We cannot doubt the sincerity of this man to help the poorest of the poor, his loyalty is to the flag and the country." ~General Vidal Querol

"We have a president who knows how to extend his hands to enemies to avoid bloodshed. And that is best described by his gesture last Saturday (May 27, 2017) when he made an appeal for the MNLF, MILF and CPP/NPA to join him in fighting the terrorist-Maute group. We have a President who aspires PEACE, opposite to what they're painting him. That answers the question why Duterte did not hunt the Mautes when he assumed office." ~Noel Zamora, May 30, 2017

“When you dream alone, it is just a dream. When you dream with others, that is the beginning of reality.” ~from Camara (To dream and believe by Lito Banayo, Manila Standard dot net, April 5, 2017)

"Your smartness and courage are already known everywhere, even here in Russia." ~George J Emeka's letter to President Duterte, September 8, 2016



"Somehow to influence the new breed of Filipinos who will know better the essence of “love for environment”. It is in consideration to higher order of thinking, social preparation training for the young minds. In the midst of my quest K12 came… wow, this is the answer of making this reality be integrated in the curriculum class program, this is the best time to show a case model to be easily understood by learners. As a school head in a small school, I applied the Department of Education ‘s Memorandum and orders based on Philippine Laws." ~Mr. Andrew Tolentino, School Principal (FROM THE SPEECH OF SIR Andrew Tolentino FOR THE NEXT LEVEL UAE Challenge, FB by Sharry Ann Santis Ganareal, 11 June 2016)



"Ang daming isda sa karagatan. Marami pa pong darating. Pag walang dumating, marami pa akong pwedeng gawin." ~Wendy Alviz Ocampo, October 19, 2017

"Ang magagandang bagay ay gawa sa sipag at tiyaga." ~from Marcos Corner, FB, March 5, 2017

"Ang pag-ibig sa Inang Kalikasan
Ay pag-ibig din sa Inang Bayan!"
~Rado Gatchalian

"Ang puso.ng tunay na Pilipino para makatulong sa mga mas nangailangan ay walang bahid kahit sila mismo di masyado marami ang kinikita. Iran ang mga taong dapat tularan." ~Dons Malaya on Duterte's Kitchen Lady Veggie Vendor Donor, December 10, 2016

"Buti pa ang ibang lahi. Ang respeto at paghanga ay binibigay kay PRRD!" ~Rado Gatchalian

"Hindi naman nakasalalay sa ibang tao para mo siya matanggap sa kung sino at ano siya. Tandaan mo, na ang tadhana ay mapagbiro. Wala ito pakialam kung ang makakasalubong mo ng landas ay taliwas sa pamantayan mo, at ang masayang parte nyan, ay siya mismo ang makakasama mo habambuhay." ~Jeffrey Dela Cruz, December 4, 2017

“Lagi nating sinasabi: nasa ating kamay ang susi ng tagumpay ng ating pakikibaka. At totoo ring nasa ating mata ang taglay na agimat upang makapagbigay kinang sa ating pinaglalaban. Ang larawan ay may kapangyarihang taglay upang makapagbigay saya at makapagpatunay na totoo ang isang kaganapan — walang lihis at pagkukunwari. Ang bawat larawan ay may mensaheng nais iparating sa madla. Isang mensaheng maaaring yumanig sa isang sistemang matagal nating kinakalaban. Ang larawan ang salamin ng ating lipunan. Ito ay ating pakaingatan.” ~Rado Gatchalian

"Mahalaga ang talino, pero mas mahalaga ang may puso." ~Mocha Uson Blog

"Mas maganda ang mamumuno ay lumaki sa hirap at sa probinsya. Sapagkat mas ramdam at alam niya ang hirap ng madla." ~Dexter Purugganan Bernardez , 29 November 2016

"Masarap tumulong para sa bayan ng walang hinihinging kapalit." ~CinEmotion Digital Films, April 4, 2017 on Jimmy Bondoc

"Sa dulo ng paglalakbay may araw nag-aantay. Bagong pag-asa" ~‪Yvette Yust‬

"Sa mundong mapanghusga, mapangmata at mapanuri; di ka basta basta nag papaapekto sa mga paninirang puri. Lalong lalo na kung galing lang sa mababang uri!" ~Cristobal Espaldon Esteves, 14 January 2017

"Sa pagsikat ng araw, ang kulay ng langit at tawag ng Pilipino ang sagisag ng bagong kalayaan." ~Tess De Leon Hammer


We Are Collective

Let the real revolution begin.
This is a fight to save our country's future.
To salvage the gains we have so far achieved when we decided
to put the right man in Malacanang.
To ensure that everything he does and all he has accomplished
will bear fruit instead of simply going to waste.
To cut our ties of dependence to oligarchic structures
whose only desire is to enslave us.
To chart our own course.
Fueled by a longing to break free from the past.
To see a country where we all enjoy real economic progress.
To see the day when Filipinos do not need to migrate.
To stand proudly among the brotherhood of nations.
Not as beggars but as equals.
Duterte has shown us the way.
But evil forces conspire to block that path.
Using every weapon in their arsenal to fool and deceive us.
This we cannot allow.
Because we are Legion.
We are the Multitude.
We are Collective.

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Lo Yu - tea

"Wherever tea trees grow, the place, whether a mountain or a valley, is sacred." ~Lo Yu (780AD), Taoist Poet

NB: this is my 3,500th timeline post.

Caleb Carr - truth

"It is the greatest truth of our age: Information is not knowledge." ~Caleb Carr

Hans Hoffman Quotes

"A work of art is a world in itself reflecting senses and emotions of the artist's world." ~Hans Hofmann

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." ~Hans Hoffman

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John Gatto - adults

"Childish adults regularly conflate opposition with disloyalty." ~John Gatto

Joanna Waugh - neighbourhood

"I remember a time when the milkman and breadman came around our neighbourhood." ~Joanna Waugh via The Beau Monde

Orson Scott Card - ideas

"Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas everyday. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don't see any." ~Orson Scott Card

Anna Lyn Lagman - success

"Sweet success comes from the one who struggles and perseveres." ~Anna Lyn Lagman

Paula White - enemy

"The agitation and provoking to just quit and throw in the towel is a lie from the enemy." ~Paula White

John Hagee Quotes

"Bless your children regularly. Release the anointing of God into their lives to accomplish the divine destiny God has for each of them." ~John Hagee Ministries

"God is the best listener. You don't need to shout or cry because He hears even the very silent prayer of a very sincere heart." ~John Hagee Ministries

"God's promise will bring your provision." ~John Hagee

"If you are facing the most difficult situation in your life… praise the Lord! He will deliver you!" ~John Hagee Ministries

"Obviously, we cannot pray Scripture unless we know Scripture. Get into God's Word daily so you can pray Scripture with power!" ~John Hagee Ministries

"The greatest test of faith is when you don't get what you want, but still you are able to say Thank You Lord." ~John Hagee

“The man who walks with God always reaches his destination!” ~John Hagee

"The will of God does not take you where the grace of God cannot keep you." ~John Hagee Ministries

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Kenneth Copeland - faith

"Faith is the force God has given us to govern our personal lives day in and day out. He expects us to take that spiritual force - the same force He used to create the material world - and change our circumstances." ~Kenneth Copeland

Jesse Duplantis Quotes

"God will give you more knowledge about yourself than you could ever think to know." ~Jesse Duplantis

"Position yourself in the center of God's love. Believe in His love and walk in the power of His might." ~Jesse Duplantis

Douglas Gonser Quotes

"Having a meaningful life and being content doesn't come from being rich. It doesn't come from being popular. It doesn't come from being highly educated or thinking you're perfect. Being content and having a meaningful life comes from being honest, humble and real. It comes from being strong and standing up for your beliefs. It comes from fighting for what is right. It comes from sharing our lives by loving and serving and touching the lives of others." ~Doug Gonser

"A little love and kindness can make a difference in someone's life." ~Dougas Gonser

"Holding anger in your heart can destroy you or at least make your life miserable." ~Douglas

"I believe a man and woman should complete one another, not compete with one another. If any relationship you're in isn't worth working for, it's not much of a relationship. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. We should support each others strengths and help each other with our weaknesses. I myself have to remind myself of these things." ~Doug Gonser

"I believe helping others gives us purpose. There is nothing wrong with admitting we all need help. I'm far from perfect and need help daily." ~Douglas Gonser

"I believe the bond of marriage or any relationship between two people is like a bird with the couple being the wings. It takes both wings working equally together to make the bird fly successfully. No matter how hard one wing works and tries the bird will never fly right without the other wing working together. This applies to friendships as well as marriage. The goal should be to complete one another, not to compete with one another. Love is giving, not controlling. Love is patience not pointing fingers. Love is forgiving, not finding fault. Love is divine, not difficult." ~Douglas Gonser

"I don't know much about a lot of things, but I do know loving and being loved and helping people are what makes me the happiest in life." ~Douglas Gonser

"I testify to you that if all families were altogether this would at least be a better world. Families need to spend wholesome time together. Children need love and nurturing. Families need to be courteous to one another. Each member needs to work together and do their part. Respect for each other's feelings and being able to forgive each other is also very important. No one person can make a whole family work in harmony. It takes every member. Love should be what the family is centered around, not monetary things. They just satisfy wants, not fulfill the needs. I pray that all my friends and family can find peace and harmony in their lives. Love is the answer. Love for GOD, love for JESUS CHRIST, and love for one another." ~Douglas Gonser

"If there are things in your life that don't help you and your family to grow and be happy, and are holding back from being the way it should be, respect your family and yourself enough to remove those things from your daily path the best you can. Sometimes we even have to give up a part of ourself to survive." ~Douglas Gonser

"It's sad that little children are more honest than most adults and they really say what they think. Adults can learn a lot from children. Little children are humble and teachable. They have open minds and not set in their ways." ~Douglas Gonser

"Life is not meant to be easy. It is made up of happy times, sad times, rough times, and sometimes what seems to be unbearable times. We have to take every stage and learn from it. That's what makes us strong and who we are." ~Douglas Gonser

"Listen to the words a person speaks and don't put extra thoughts or words into it." ~Douglas Gonser

"People are having hard times all over. Just to know someone even thought about them and cared is good medicine. By showing our support for one another it gives us hope and faith in humanity. It makes us feel like we aren't alone." ~Doug Gonser

"There are many good things country folk have come up with, but it never seems to change some people's views about them. This seems pretty slick. People are people. Good and bad, smart and dumb, mean and nice in all varieties." ~Douglas Gonser

"Trials are in a sense a blessing, each one makes us wiser and stronger to face the next one." ~Douglas Gonser

"We all have adversities in our life. We all have trials and tribulations. We decide how we handle them, and how they affect our lives. We can let them break us. We can let them make us hard-hearted, or we can take control of the situation and make the best of it." ~Douglas Gonser

"We all need to take a break and give thanks to GOD for all we have. It is also good for friends and families to spend time together. That's more important than making a dollar. There's a time when we have to ask, "do I work to live, or live to work?" ~Douglas Gonser

~•✿•~ ~•✿•~


" When it rains, it pours." ~Glena Hodgkinson Gonser

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